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Who Qualifies to File a PFS on Paper?

*** TEC Filers: Only an individual appointed to office has the option to file a paper Form PFS. All other state officers and candidates must file the PFS electronically. ***

Under new state law effective May 29, 2017, a PFS filed with the Texas Ethics Commission by an appointed officer may be filed electronically using the online filing application or on a paper Form PFS. To file a PFS using the online filing application, see Filing Reports▸TEC Filers▸Personal Financial Statement Filing . Also see Benefits of Electronic Filing.

Certain local officers may be required to file the personal financial statement with a local filing authority.  These filers DO NOT file with the Ethics Commission. These filers must file on paper.

If you are filing a personal financial statement on paper, you may use your computer to enter information on the personal financial statement form using Adobe Reader or Acrobat, as provided below. You may not, however, submit the form electronically using this method. After entering information on the form, you must print the form to complete the signature, notary, and affidavit section.  You may then deliver the paper report to the proper filing authority.

If you file with the Texas Ethics Commission, you may deliver the report in one of two ways:

If you just wish to print a blank form, this file is smaller in size and will load faster than the form you can fill out on your computer.