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Forms & Instructions
Treasurer Appointments (TA)

Instructions for Delivering TAs

If you are on an upcoming ballot or are the treasurer of a political committee involved in an election, then...

Texas state law requires all candidates, all officeholders, and all political committees to file a campaign treasurer appointment with the appropriate filing authority. You are required to have a campaign treasurer appointment on file with your filing authority EVEN IF YOU DO NOT PLAN TO RAISE OR SPEND ANY MONEY.

Follow these steps to file your treasurer appointment form with your filing authority.

  1. Select the appropriate Treasurer Appointment (TA) form from the list at the left side of this page.
  2. Fill out the TA form. Read the TA form carefully and fill out all fields and all pages. Consider using business street addresses instead of residence addresses so that you do not advertise home addresses.
  3. Determine your filing authority. Local filers file their treasurer appointments with their local filing authority. Statewide filers file their treasurer appointments with the Texas Ethics Commission. See question 4 in Frequently Asked Questions about the 2024 Elections to determine your filing authority.
  4. Deliver your completed TA form to your filing authority. If you file with the Texas Ethics Commission, you may:
    1. EMAIL the signed PDF attachment to, or
    2. MAIL the signed form to

        Texas Ethics Commission
        P.O. Box 12070
        Austin, Texas 78711-2070

Click the appropriate category on the left side of this page to find the TA form for your filer type.