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Political Advertising Requirements

For comprehensive review of political advertising requirements, please refer to the Political Advertising Guide, available on our website. For answers to frequently asked questions, see below.

For questions about the use of public funds for political advertising, please refer to the Political Subdivision Guide and School District Guide, both available on our website.

What is “Political Advertising”?

“Political advertising” means a communication supporting or opposing a candidate for nomination or election to a public office or office of a political party, a political party, a public officer, or a measure that:

When can I begin advertising?

Candidates may begin advertising once they have a campaign treasurer appointment on file. The laws under the Commission’s jurisdiction do not address when and where candidates may place signs. Questions about the 90-day timeline for placing signs must be directed to the Texas Department of Transportation.

What are the requirements of a disclosure statement?

A political advertising disclosure statement must contain the words “political advertising” or any recognizable abbreviation, and must:

The disclosure statement must contain the full name of:

A disclosure statement is not required on:

What are the requirements of a “Highway Right-of-Way Notice”?

Political advertising signs must contain the following statement, in verbatim:

The highway right-of-way notice may appear on the reverse-side of a sign.