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Filing Reports for TEC Filers
Personal Financial Statement

Filing a Personal Financial Statement Report

Every year, appointed officers and executive heads of some state agencies, board members and executive heads of river authorities, members of the Texas Legislature, statewide elected officers, justices of a court of appeals, district judges, district or criminal district attorneys, members of the State Board of Education, former or retired judges sitting by assignment, and state chair of any political party receiving more than two percent of the votes for governor in the most recent general election must electronically file a personal financial statement (PFS) with the Texas Ethics Commission under Chapter 572 of the Government Code. You are a filer type PFS.

Only appointees have an exception to the rule of filing electronically which went into effective May 29, 2017. A list of individual types that are appointed to office that may choose to file on paper is provided below. To obtain paper reports, see Forms & Instructions on the left side navigation of this page.

Any state officer who serves at any time during the period from January 1 through April 30 is required to file Form PFS covering the previous calendar year. Please contact us immediately if you believe you are not subject to the filing requirement.

As a TEC filer, you are assigned an 8 digit Filer ID number, sometimes called an account number, like 00049300. If you have ever served as an elected official of the state of Texas, you will use the Filer ID already assigned to you. If you are a new filer and do not have an account number, please contact the agency at 512-463-5800.

If you are a new TEC filer and do not qualify to file on paper, you must also submit a Form SECURITY to gain access to the Commission’s electronic filing application.

Under new state law effective May 29, 2017, a PFS filed with the Texas Ethics Commission by an individual appointed to office may be filed electronically or on paper. Appointed officers who have the option to file on paper include:

  • the secretary of state;
  • an individual appointed with the advice and consent of the senate to the governing board of a state-supported institution of higher education;
  • an officer of a state agency who is appointed for a term of office specified by the Texas Constitution or a statute of this state;
  • a director, executive director, commissioner, administrator, chief clerk, or other individual who is appointed by the governing body or highest officer of the state agency;
  • the chancellor or highest executive officer of a university system and the president of a public senior college or university as defined by Section 61.003, Education Code;
  • a former or retired judge who sits by assignment at the district court level; and
  • an individual appointed to fill a vacancy in an elected office.

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Laws & Regulations

  • Chapter 572, Government Code ( PDF | HTML)
  • Chapter 159, Subchapter C, Local Government Code ( PDF | HTML)